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Functional Animations of Dotpeenatorâ„¢ CO9E Electrical Dot Peen Marking Machine 

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Specifications of Dotpeenatorâ„¢ CO9E Electrical Dot Peen Marking Machine 

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The electrical peen/cartridge assembly running via magnetic field effect allows the marking operations to be performed where no air is available by replacing the pneumatic marking peen/cartridge assembly. The Dotpeenator CO9E Electric Dot Peen Marking Machine has all the software and mechanical features of our pneumatic CO9 model with the exception of the peen/cartridge set. The CO9E with 170x120MM marking area is suitable for working in the office environment too. This very special desktop model will be marking your name tags, tools, metal and plastic work pieces up to 42cm in height. Mark your design of logo, serial numbers, 2D data Matrix Codes, Date Codes, etc.
Our Referances
Our participation in the Fair EURO BLECH in 2018
ESEN KARDESLER Chose Dotpeenator PR94 for Meeting Deep Marking Needs.
Our Marking Machines are in the EMO Trade Show during 18-23 Sept 2017
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Customer Comments
Customer comments on used marking technologies, marking systems and marking techniques

" We have been using that Dotpeenator CO9 Dot Peen Marking Machine for 3 years now. We are very much content with the quality of the product and the service of the company. Thanks. "
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